of Qatar University - New College of Education Building

Qatar University - College of Education

  • Facility Type
  • Designer
    M/s Khatib and Alami
  • Supervision Consultant
    M/s Khatib and Alami


Location: Doha,Qatar                                                                          
Duration: 30 Months

Total Development Area - 59,000 sqm.                                                                        
1-Level Basement Parking - 292 nos. + 659 nos. Ground Parking

Qatar University (QU) intends to expand and to provide the High Quality Standard of education. New buildings will be constructed for the College of Education (NCE) with Gender Segregation for male and female students.

The New College of Education building is a students-centered environment, which provides innovative opportunities, quality programs, and efficient services that enrich Qatar University students’ learning experience and their personal development.

Located within Qatar University Campus, the designated lot for the New College of Education has respectively an approximate area of 56,000sqm. The project is a 4-Star GSAS Design and Construction undertaking for the College of Education within the campus in Doha.
The proposed building for the NCE has an approximate built-up area of 59,000sqm over 1-level basement and 5-level above grade floors. The proposed building mass is a monolithic block with two internal courtyards granting some daylight to inner spaces. It reflects the space program as required with the Qatar University Standards and specifically with the College representatives.

The proposed building comprised of segregated spatial allocation for both Female and Male Students, with a Central Shared Zone that unites both spaces. In between the building interior are 2 Open Air Internal Courtyards considered  to give a definitive design emphasis and to enhance daylight penetration to inner spaces. The courtyards are symmetrically assigned on both ends of the building cores, making a total of 4 natural light sources that improves the quality for the interior of the building.

The Basement is mainly allocated for Staff Parking, Services and Building Utilities, with an appropriated spatial area for Large Training Rooms, Technical Rooms and Support Rooms solely for this purpose.

The Ground Floor is enhanced with bespoke Main Entrances, Student Lounges, Cafeterias, Cafes, Clinics and First-Aid  Medical Centers that serve the educational sector at a distinct national level and standard.

The First, Second and Third Floors are dedicated to students formal academic activities with Classrooms in 30-60 capacity, Lecture Halls in 100-120 capacity, Conference Halls, Laboratories for Computer Training, Virtual I-Cube and E-Learning, and Laboratories for Sciences. It is also designed with State-of-the-art Media Amenities with a TV Broadcasting Studio and Technical Support Facilities.

An Auditorium is also designed to enhance the educational integrity of university facility, equipped with the latest technologies and with a capacity of 356 Normal Seats and 16 Handicapped Provisions.   

The Fourth Floor is dedicated solely for Administrative Offices and its support facilities. The same floor also has the allocated area for Research Facilities and Libraries provided with several Meeting and Group Rooms, Computer Stations and comfortable Reading Areas; one for each gender.

The Fifth Floor is assigned for the Academic Staff Offices and its support amenities. The whole floor is designed with a continuous terrace all over the building perimeter, considered to utilize the daylight and open air feel within the offices.

One of the Special Features which enhances the design of the structure is the Decorative  Aluminum Facade System which consists of structurally glazed aluminium curtain wall with a signature architectural design that entails the use of glass, aluminium and a rough/matt ceramic cladding finish that posses a natural appearance. In certain areas of the facade, architectural calligraphy engraved onto the surface of the ceramic panels form a fundamental part of the design with staggered glazing and ceramic panels in alteration.

Introduced within the convergence spaces, access halls and staircases are a series of Hydroponic Greenwalls Systems in bespoke wavy patterns and staggering vertical heights.  

The project include all MEP Services, Back-of-House Facilities and Ancillaries related to the completion of the building structure.


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